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Git delete local and remote branch


First checkout a different branch than the one you want to delete, for example the master branch.

git checkout origin master

Solution 1

To delete your local and remote branch execute the following. “-r” stands for remote and “-d” for delete.

git branch -rd example

Solution 2

First delete the local branch:

git branch -d example

And after that also the remote branch:

git push origin :example

Git how to create remote branch from checked out master


In a project you’ll reach at a certain point the need to start working on a new major version of your application, lets say version 2. Then you’ll probably want the current master to move to a branch with a name like “1.x” and from then on the master branch will contain version “2.x”.

To accomplish this, you’ll have to do some simple steps. I assume you already have a Git clone on your computer, go to the root directory of your clone and make sure you are in the master branch.

git branch -a

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Convert SVN to GIT bare repository


When trying to convert a SVN repository that contained all our projects, I couldn’t find a good solution on the internet on one page.

The most usefull pages were:

I combined them together and described the steps below that will get the job done.

sudo adduser git
nano /etc/group
sudo mkdir /usr/local/git_root
sudo chown git.git /usr/local/git_root
sudo chmod 2770 /usr/local/git_root

Create authors.txt file for user mapping:

root = Root <root@example.local>
usera = My name <myname@example.local>

To get a listing of all users in the repository:

svn log file:///development/svn_projects | grep -E

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