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Kubernetes job monitor


 Kubernetes is an awesome container orchestration platform. One of the features it provides is the ability to configure Kubernetes cron jobs. The cron jobs will periodically create jobs (executions). Out of the box there is not so much monitoring available for the cron jobs.

I created a Kubernetes job monitor dashboard that makes it easy to see which jobs are running and if their latest status was “succeeded” or “failed”.

The Kubernetes job monitor is also mentioned in the official Kubernetes documentation


Minikube NFS mounts


Minikube is great for having a Kubernetes cluster as local Docker development environment. In a development workflow you probably have source code on your host machine and it would be great if the Docker containers in the Kubernetes cluster could mount this. So changes made to the code can be tested and are visible quickly. The steps on this blog post are tested with Minikube version v0.28.0.

Mounting is possible for example with:

minikube start --mount --mount-string ./sources:/sources

And by using hostPath in the volume.


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