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Ubuntu 14.04 – Install Selenium as service (headless)


This tutorial will show you how to install Selenium as a service on a Ubuntu 14.04 server. An Ubuntu server doesn’t have a GUI in contrast to Ubuntu desktop, so we will also need to setup a virtual screen where firefox will run.

Perform all actions as root!

Selenium is a Java application, so make sure Java is installed. Installation instructions:

Install Firefox and Xvfb.

apt-get update
apt-get install firefox xvfb

Create a virtual screen a (re)boot.

crontab -e

Add the following line as first cronjob:

@reboot sh -c 'Xvfb :99 -ac -screen

More >

Ubuntu Server 10.10/11.04 – Selenium Server (headless) & PHPUnit


This tutorial explains how to run Selenium test cases with Selenium Server and PHPUnit on a Linux server that has no GUI (headless).

Make sure you have pear installed. Then upgrade to at least version 1.9.2

pear upgrade pear

Install firefox

apt-get install firefox

In order to run firefox on a headless server (means without a GUI), Xvfb (X virtual frame buffer) must be used. To install it:

apt-get install xvfb

Install Java:

apt-get install openjdk-6-jre-headless

Download Selenium Server and put it on your server, for example: /opt/selenium-server.jar. or direct link More >

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