PHP Xdebug + Netbeans + Vagrant


Xdebug is a very nice extension for PHP. It makes step by step debugging possible in your IDE. For most people it’s easy to install Xdebug and start debugging their web application on localhost with some IDE, for example Netbeans. Because after installation of Xdebug, it just works. A lot of this tutorial works almost the same for PhpStorm.

But getting Xdebug remote to work if your website runs on a virtual machine / Vagrant box, it’s a bit trickier and requires a bit more configuration.

First let me explain how the Xdebug More >

Test in IE6/7/8/9 on Ubuntu 12.04 with VirtualBox image


It’s always a bit difficult to test your webapplications in Internet Explorer if you are developing on Ubuntu. Your default test browser there will most likely be firefox. But with with VirtualBox and Microsoft’s “Internet Explorer Application Compatibility VPC Image” it’s possible to test your website in a native IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9 and so on. Even on different platforms like Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7!

It’s a bit hard to set it up, but let me show you how!

UPDATE: Testing IE with VirtualBox on linux has become easier with the xdissent ievms project! More >

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