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Zend Framework – Add custom resource type to autoloader


This week I wanted to created the folder “application/grids/” to store my grids in. For example the path to the grid is “application/grids/Product.php”. The code inside this PHP file:

class Application_Grid_Product { }

You will now get the error “Fatal error: Class ‘Application_Grid_Product’ not found”. The new path must be added to the Zend Autoloader in order to load the required classes. Your bootstrap must look like this:

class Bootstrap extends Zend_Application_Bootstrap_Bootstrap {     protected function _initLoaderResources()     {        

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PiKe multi translate with Zend_Translate and application.ini


With Zend Framework it’s not possible to define multiple translate sources for one Zend_Translate instance that will be stored in the Zend_Registry. Also if you want to add a logger to Zend_Translate, it’s not possible to do this only in your application.ini. The closest you get is to define all translate settings, than create a bootstrap method and “extend” the settings and add a instance of Zend_Log with a writer there.

But we made it possible at the PiKe project to define all this purely in your application.ini.

You only need the file following file, or just add More >

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